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World AEU Eighth Page

Meet the world greatest explorer, ‘Captain’ and his slightly nervous Sailor Assistant, ‘Todd’! They love making amazing discoveries, and this time, they are going to discover an entirely new country! Come along for the ride as they visit different continents and meet exciting characters and strange animals, but they may find out that discovering a new country isn’t as easy as they thought it would be…

A fun-filled play, featuring heightened characters and physical comedy, Around the World and Back Again is a play for children of all ages. Young audiences will learn about different continents and countries: their culture, wildlife, food, and history. All aboard!

Duration: 50 minutes
Age: Prep to Grade 6


“It related well to the content we were learning. The performers put on an amazing performance with great energy and that’s what the kids loved the most. It was fantastic.”

-Bellaire Primary School


“Thank you for a very enjoyable and amusing Inquiry Learning lesson. The girls are very talented actors and writers.”

-Oakleigh Grammar


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