Two Friends Productions


What people thought of us

This fast-paced, “punny” kids show will have children rolling in the aisles… The creators/performers have clearly put a lot of heart into this pantomime and their energy is infectious. Parents looking for some comic-distraction for their children will certainly find it here.


– Gwen and John: A Melodramatic Love Story, review from

Next was a performance of a short drama by Two Friends Productions, which told the Burke and Wills story from the point of view of Dr Ludwig Becker, the “artist-slash-naturalist” of the Expedition. Their rendition of his life (and death) was hilarious, but at the same time provided the students with plenty of well-researched information about the Expedition.


– For The Love Of Becker, BugBlitz from the Burke & Wills 150th Year Anniversary.

BHW_LOGOThat explanation of why WWI started has to be the most inspired I’ve ever seen.


– Our Anzacs and their Legacy, Jennifer Forest, Ballarat Heritage Weekend 2015

A great mix of humour, accessible language and action. NWM_COGG_Logo


– The Story of a Tree, Sara Gillies of the National Wool Museum

Digger of a good time! Loved the Diggers!
Great energy, visuals and clever use of props.
Two talented friends indeed!BAF_RED_REVERSE


– Our Anzacs and their Legacy, Barry Nixon, Ballarat Arts Foundation

First class Production!
Very educational and informative. Humour appropriate to the topic.


– Audience member, East Gippsland Shire Library Tour 2015